Advisory Services

We process complex data so you can better understand your customers and your impact on communities and the environment.
Waste Pickers

Waste Management

We follow ecosystem frameworks of circular design and implementation in diverting waste from landfills by closing loops in your operations, recovering your product packaging from source in both the informal and formal markets,  and streamlining your entire value chain to be close-looped from cradle-to-cradle.

Water Resource Management

Using data driven solutions, we can assist water-dependent clients with the reduction of their water footprint and water usage efficiency while providing holistic approaches that benefit the community, the environment and the client as a whole.

Clean Energy

We strive to provide a client with the data, insights, participation and resources to transition their energy demands towards clean and renewable energy that will support their operations, the community and their environment.

Climate Change

We work with different stakeholders to assess, develop, and implement climate change mitigation and adaptation initiatives across all sectors and  ensure that climate change is prioritised in strategy through programmes that yield short and long term protection of our environment.

Sustainable Agriculture

Using data-driven solutions, we provide climate-smart agricultural and food production processes. We design and advise on sustainable agricultural systems for small-scale and commercial farmers to optimize their operations and supply chains.


We advise on the development of low-cost and scalable transportation solutions that utilize electric vehicles, as well as e-bikes or pedelecs, electric motorbikes, and e-buses.

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Green Potential.

Our advisory services focus on the following core areas:

Feasibility Studies

Market Analysis

Corporate EGS, Carbon, EPR and CSI Strategy

Project Design and Modelling

Project Management and Implementation (including Budgeting, Finance and Investment)

Communication for behaviour change strategy and implementation

Product Environmental Footprint Analysis

Policy Analysis and Support

SMME and Enterprise Development

Corporate, stakeholder and informal market training in sustainability, SDGs, circular economic development and climate change

Impact Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting