Paving The Way To A Resilient And Climate-Smart World

GreenWay Africa is a social enterprise that provides professional advisory services and technology solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Integrate Your Business and Local Community into the Blue and Green Economy

We bring value to organizations and communities that want to integrate into the Blue and Green Economy by combining world-class advisory services and innovative technological solutions in the following areas:


Waste Management

Diverting waste towards sustainable reuse, repurposing and recycling.

Water Resource Management

Managing the optimum use of water resources to increase access to clean and safe water for all.

Clean Energy

Accelerating transition towards clean and affordable renewable energy.

Sustainable Agriculture

Scaling up climate-smart agricultural technology to enhance food security.

Climate Change

Developing scalable climate change mitigation and adaptation initiatives that yield short and long term benfits.


Decarbonizing the transportation of people and goods.

Scalable and Innovative Technological Solutions

Technology is at the core of our business, we understand that some of the challenges to our evolving world need cutting edge technologies as the world continues to evolve. We embrace the need for technology in assisting some of the detrimental issues within our societies. Our approach to technology development is human-centered as we understand that technologies must be developed and be driven by people so that they can address challenges effectively. 

“We don’t only build for people, we build with the people.”

Our Partners and Sponsors

We work with policymakers, academics, business and civic leaders to harness the opportunities provided within the Blue and Green Economy.