We care about the environment and passionate about protecting it.


We are committed to providing excellent services to all of our clients.


We utilize the best technologies to ensure that our environment is protected.

About us

GreenWay Africa is a consulting company centered on developing Africa while achieving its growth potential. We believe that African solutions lie in African thinking. We consult for corporates, the government and NGOs on sustainability.


To offer innovative services in addressing the current challenges that are facing our world while embracing the need to be resilient and sustainable.


To be the leading green consulting company in the world that is embedded in creating positive change in the communities that we work with through growth that embraces the protection of our planet.

Climate Change

We work with different stakeholders to assess, develop, and implement climate change mitigation and adaptation initiatives.

  • Clean power generation projects
  • Design and assessment of Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+) projects
  • Coastal zone management initiatives and mangroves
  • Carbon stock assessments in a range of forest ecosystems
  • Map historical change for land cover and land use assessments
  • Develop scenarios of future land-use changes using advanced spatial modelling
  • Environmental and social assessment of mitigation projects and proposed investments
  • Stakeholder consultation, engagement, capacity building and training to implement mitigation initiatives
Waste management

We establish and build waste value chains for clients and communities who want to divert their waste from landfills and benefit from recyclables through circular green economies.

  • Sourcing and Collection of Recyclable Materials.
  • Separation at Source Services.
  • Integrated Waste Planning and Management Services.
  • Waste Stream Audits.
  • Waste Stream Mapping, Modelling and Divergence.
  • Green Economy Feasibility Studies and Implementation.
  • Transporting and Trade of Materials.
  • Product and Packaging Lifecycle Audits.
  • Waste Beneficiation Training.
  • Transporting and Trade of Materials.
  • Waste Entrepreurship Training and Development.
  • Financial and Environmental Compliance Management.

We advise clients on achieving sustainable and efficient use of energy and a just transition from fossil fuels to cleaner energy in Africa.

  • Financial valuation of energy investment opportunities and the development of sustainable and strategic options at national and regional levels.
  • Economic analysis, finance and asset management, energy and environmental auditing, energy planning and development.
  • Advice on transitioning from fossil/nuclear- based energy supply towards renewable energies.
  • Study and design of solar power generation, including connection to electrical networks.
  • Advising and working with architectures or designing and implementing Green Buildings.
Sustainable Agriculture

We design and advise on sustainable agricultural systems for small scale and commercial farmers to optimise their operations and supply chains.

  • Drought Planning and Management.
  • Soil and Water Conservation Systems.
  • Maximizing agricultural yields and factory recovery.
  • Reducing the costs involved with the usage of fertilizer and chemical inputs,
  • Minimizing irrigation energy and water consumption.
  • Reducing fuel costs.
  • Improving the overall efficiency of the operation.
  • Improving brand recognition and public perception.
Water Resources Management

We advise clients on reducing their water footprint by implementing strategies and technologies for improving water usage efficiency.

  • Establishing trends in the consumption of water in products or operation life cycle.
  • Determining strategies for improving water usage efficiency.
  • Engaging with stakeholders, customers and potential investors in water stewardship opportunities.
  • Reducing potential negative impacts of future water scarcity on productivity.
Meet the Team
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Ntombizanele Makoko
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